General Diesel Maintenance

Fabbro Diesel Services (FDS) is a maintenance and repair specialist, servicing mining and heavy machinery throughout North Queensland.

Diesel engine servicing is important if you want to keep your heavy vehicle running. At times, a great deal of stress can be put on this piece of machinery and even the best can break down at the most inconvenient time. Downtime costs money and can be avoided.

Regular servicing will avoid catastrophic failure thereby saving the need for costly replacement.

FDS provides cost effective field service and mechanical workshop maintenance solutions. Onsite diesel engine repair can be carried out by Fabbro Diesel Services anywhere throughout North Queensland

We have been involved in effecting repairs to this industry since early 2004 and have a satisfied client list. Our team receive ongoing training to maintain a readiness to respond to incidents, which may arise during operations. Only people with a highly developed sense of safety awareness are suitable for this training and to receive the subsequent approval to carry out this kind of work.

FDS has experienced rapid growth and enjoys an expanding reputation that is attributed to the competence and experience of our tradesmen. We believe this results in cost effective maintenance solutions for our customers.

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