Marine Maintenance

Regardless of size or age, when you purchase a boat you are not only making a big financial investment, you are making a commitment to maintain the boat for safety and reliability.

If you want to have a reliable engine that will serve you for many years into the future without high repair and/or maintenance costs, call FDS Townsville. We are experts in diesel marine engines offering years of experience together with thorough diesel services at very reasonable prices.

We can attend to one off callouts or offer an unbeatable scheduled maintenance service contract at a lower charge rate, whichever you feel the most comfortable with.

We all know that the ocean is unforgiving so regardless of what you are using your watercraft for, don’t get caught at sea with a diesel engine that has let you down ….. you will find out just how quickly you can get into trouble! And, a prior service could have saved you the stress and subsequent high expense. This is a one-sided risk you have no reason to take.

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