Truck & Trailer Repairs

FDS offer tailor made servicing schedules for our clients with truck and trailer fleets regardless of size.

Regular and efficient maintenance of your fleet is crucial to your day to day operations and avoiding unnecessary stoppages due to mechanical problems will certainly help to maintain that all important ‘bottom line’ for your business success.

In the event you experience a fault on the road, our fully equipped mobile service is always on stand-by and can get to the vehicle should an emergency arise. Having a mobile response fleet also means that we can easily come to your site and carrying out and repairs or servicing requirements.

Tune-Up Intervals
Fabbro Diesel Services take great pride in their thorough and precise valve and injector adjustment intervals.

Cummins Signature/ISX Series Engines
Every 100,000klms, FDS completes valve and injector adjustments on Signature/ISX engines. At this same interval, all idler bearings are replaced with high speed/C3 components for extended service life. Signature/ISX engines also have their turbo charger wastegate adjustments accurately adjusted at this interval at low tolerances via digital pressure gauges to reduce fuel consumption and increase horsepower.

All Caterpillar On-Highway Engines
All C Series CAT engines have valve and injector adjustments completed at 100,000klm intervals, including idler bearing replacements and wastegate travels inspected and adjusted when necessary.

All C16, C15 & Acert engine tune-up intervals are recommended to be completed at 75,000klms and valve recession measurements performed and recorded. Upon valve and injector adjustment periods, Fabbro Diesel identifies and upgrades C Series rocker shaft bolts if required.

Other Engines
All other engines not mentioned above are recommended to have tune-up service intervals performed at 100,000klms for automotive or 2000hrs for industrial engines. This is to be used as a guide only. Please contact us to discuss more accurate intervals, depending on fuel consumption, environmental conditions, load factor and equipment applications.

Whether it be construction, civil, mining, agricultural or automotive, Fabbro Diesel Services can assist our customers with their maintenance programs or customise and/or provide maintenance schedules to suit customer individual needs.

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